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You Can Help Keep Congress Accountable

We can’t stand by while members of Congress circumvent their conservative constituents by voting for big-government legislation without facing any consequences. Today, because of Heritage Action for America’s Conservative Scorecard and the mobilization of hundreds of thousands of grassroots conservatives, our representatives are held accountable for their votes.

Heritage Action has brought in some of the brightest political minds to amplify your voice in the halls of Congress and move lawmakers in a more conservative direction. Our 400,000 grassroots activists are ready to take the battle for conservative ideas to each and every important congressional district across the country. But with the very future of our country at stake, we need your help, now more than ever!

This election season, give to support your principles, not personalities, by making a gift to Heritage Action.

But our fight doesn’t end with the election. We know too well from past experience, that the lame duck session often presents defeated congressmen with an opportunity to try and pass their unpopular pet projects. With your help, Heritage Action will be equipped to keep the pressure on our Congress and remind our representatives that we are still watching them – even after the election.

As this critical election season ramps up, conservatives are poised to right our nation’s course. But we must have your support to make this happen.

  • We need you to keep boots on the ground in key battleground districts.
  • We need your help to thwart efforts by a lame duck Congress as they try to pass unpopular legislation when they think the American people aren’t paying attention.
  • We need you to keep the pressure on as we swear in a new Congress next year.

If you are ready to fight, hold Congress accountable, and equip the conservative movement, then Heritage Action is for you.

Join us as we fight for the principles that are important to you.

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When you give to Heritage Action today, you will be part of a movement that is fighting for conservative ideas in Washington and in congressional districts across the nation. Your donation will help us hold our representatives accountable to your principles and move Congress in a more conservative direction.